Garage door motor repair and replacement at a quality price

About Us

Wilson's Garage Doors is a Brisbane based company focused on the affordable repair, sales and installation of garage door's in our local area. Our aim is to provide a more quality and affordable repair and install solution than our competitors. We believe in taking the time and care to ensure the job is done right the first time. Whether you need garage door repairs installation, a replacement garage door motor, a new garage door remote or any of our additional services we can offer a quality and affordable solution.

Garage door and Automatic opener repair in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and surrounding suburbs

Our Services

Wilson's Garage Doors Brisbane offers a range of services including automatic garage door repairs and servicing, garage door replacement, garage door automatic installation, garage door automatic repair and garage door remote replacement.

Roller Doors

Wilson's Garage Doors offers roller door Installation and repair in the Greater Brisbane area. Call us to discuss your options when purchasing or servicing your garage door. Get a Quote..

Panel Lift Doors

Wilson's Garage Doors provides Panel Lift Installation and repair in the greater Brisbane area. Call us to discuss your options when purchasing or servicing your Panel Lift. Get a Quote..

Garage Door Remotes

Wilson's Garage Doors offer a range of garage door remotes and openers. Call us to discuss or fill out our form for an obligation free quote. Get a Quote..

Automatic Garage Door Openers

Wilson's Garage Doors Brisbane offer a large range of Automatic garage door openers at a quality price. We also offer battery backup and manual entry options that guarantee continued access in the case of power loss. Get a Quote..

Who We Are

Wilson's Garage Doors Brisbane are a locally owned and run business that supplies garage door services predominately the replacement and repair of automatic garage doors, replacement and repair of garage door automatics and the conversion of manual garage doors to a motorised garage door solution.

Why Choose Us

  • “The installer was polite and job completed quickly. I highly recommend Wilson's Garage Doors” - Lauren Currey    
  • “Had my clunky garage door working smoothly at a good price” - Julian Hazell    

Our Difference

Wilson's Garage Doors aim to be the leading garage door repair company in Brisbane. We aim to treat our employees and clients fairly which can result in a better install and repair experience for our employees and clients"
Jack converted my grinding manual garage door into a smoothly running automatic garage door in an hour. I highly recommend Wilson's Garage Doors. - Mitchell Holding    

Do I need a new automatic garage door opener?

Before you spend money on a replacement automatic garage door opener let us help. Many of your automatic garage door opener issues could be solved by a service from one of our team.Are you seeing no movement or lights when using your garage door remote or a wall switch?Is your automatic garage door opener making noise but the garage door is not moving?Is the trolley carriage moving but the garage door still wont openIs the garage door raising and lowering slower than you remember?We can help, we provide affordable automatic garage door opener servicing in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and surrounding areas.

Do I need a new garage door?

Before you spend money on a new garage door let us help with one of our servicing optionsIs your garage door not completely lowering?Is your garage door overly noisy?Is your garage door scraping or grinding?Do you have a broken garage door spring or any other part?If so we can help, call us and book in a garage door service, we also offer new garage door installation packages with a full range at a good price.
What type of garage door should I buy?
With a range of garage doors on offer you may be wondering what type will suit you. If you are looking to buy a low cost garage door then a roller garage door may be your best option. If you are looking for a specific design a panel lift door may be suited to you. If your garage has low head room you may require a tilt door solution. Take a look at our recent post Garage door options
Need your garage door or garage door automatic opener serviced or replaced? Wilsons garage doors have qualified professionals doing quality work on time and on budget