Garage Door Repair

Wilson's Garage Doors Brisbane offers a range of services to assist you with your automatic and non automatic garage door issues including. Door automatic replacements, Remote Replacements, Panel Replacements, New Panel and motor installation, Cable repair, damaged door repair. We offer these services on roller doors, tilt doors and panel lift doors.

Roller Doors

Roller doors are the most common type of garage doors within Australia due to their durable builds, cheaper price and higher availability in custom sizes. If you are looking to buy an affordable garage door a roller door option may suit you.

Other benefits include.

  • Minimal space usage. Vertical opening meaning no required tracks within the garage
  • Manual garage door and automatic garage door options. you can save money and maintenance costs by installing a manual roller door option.
  • Insulation options. Manage your garage temperature and save money with an assortment of insulation options.
  • Large range of colours and finishes

Possible downsides include.

  • Simplicity. one of the greatest benefits of a roller door can also be a downside as they have a low rage of design and build options. If you are looking to suit a current architectural style you may require a panel lift garage door.
  • Roller doors can be easily damaged and are prone to denting

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Sectional Panel Lift Doors

Sectional panel lift doors offer a large range of design options and can be an aesthetic upgrade to your shed or garage. Panel lift garage doors are also safe and quiet. Other benefits include

  • Minimal Driveway usage. Sectional panel lift garage doors design utilises your garages head space using minimal driveway space.
  • Panel lift garage doors are more durable and reliable, as each panel has its own hinged connection to the track.
  • Insulation options. Panel lift garage doors have a range of insulation options which can save you money on heating and cooling and increase comfort in your garage space.
  • Versatility. Panel lift garage doors can be fitted to suit most garage situations
  • A large range. Panel lift doors come in many types and designs to suit your needs, this can compliment your current architectural style or add something new to your property.

Down sides of a panel door include

  • Price point. because of its more intricate design a sectional Panel lift door will be more expensive than a roller door option.
  • Head Room. There is a chance that a panel lift door solution may not be able to be installed in a garage with low head room.

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